Welcome to ILoveUniqueBooks.com. I am Mary Jane Anderson (you can call me just MJ if you wish). I have been reviewing books of various genres for a while. If you are looking for a high quality, comprehensive and honest book review from an erudite reader, your search ends here. Currently I am offering first-rate editorial reviews to indie authors; however, authors who have published their books with traditional publishing houses are also welcome to submit their titles.

In the era of self-publishing and indie publishing, millions of books get published every year. Some of them are good, others are average and yet others are absolutely unreadable. No wonder many independent authors and publishers struggle to attract the attention of readers.  A well-written and comprehensive editorial review helps a reader distinguish between the good, bad and ugly books.  In other words, an editorial review can shift your book from the category of ‘ordinary’ to that of ‘extraordinary.’

Now let me tell you exactly what an editorial review is: An editorial review is usually a review from someone who can be trusted to be impartial to the author of the book. In other words, an editorial review is not a review from a raving fan or a hardcore critic of the author. An editorial review usually comes from an independent blogger or newspaper editor. An editorial review highlights the good and bad points of a particular book; while evaluating a book, special attention is given on the quality of its editing (such as grammar, typo, etc.) and writing style.


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Editorial reviews and Amazon:

Editorial reviews are fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service. A lot of authors believe that Amazon is against PAID reviews and they are right. However, editorial reviews are excluded from that clause as editorial reviews don’t get posted on Amazon in the same way as readers’ reviews do. In other words, I don’t post my reviews on Amazon. You, as an author, are however welcome to post my review of your book as an editorial review through your Amazon author central account (or for that matter, any other site, blog or social media page) in the following (sample) format:

— Official Review, ILoveUniqueBooks.com (4 out of 5 stars)

Benefits of having an editorial review:

a) One of the little-known FACTS about Amazon’s search algorithm is that its bot crawls through the “Editorial Review” section of each book. The more blurbs of your book are found in that section (from different sources), the better.

b) Having 15 editorial reviews from trusted sources is equal to having 100 reviews from average readers. Of course, an author needs to garner both kinds of reviews to become successful; however, editorial reviews offer your book a special respect that a reader’s review cannot!

c) Editorial reviews can help you garner more readers’ reviews as these reviews build trust in the minds of readers.


I am aware that most indie authors work on a shoestring budget. I would love to offer my editorial review services for free. However, to be very honest with you, I don’t have a lot of free time. Therefore, I have created a modest pricing structure which, I am sure, will be within your budget.

With my editorial review package, you get:

a) One detailed, PROFESSIONAL and HONEST review of your book. Reviews can be either positive or negative; if a book is not up to the mark, I won’t sing its praises even if I am being paid to review it. That said, I always try to highlight the positive aspects of a book.

b) Marketing your book to my followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups, etc.)

All for just 55 USD. For a series, as long as it does not include more than 3 books, I will charge 159 USD. For four books, I will charge 199 USD.

Please click this link to submit your book details for my approval. You pay only IF I want to review your book (I don’t accept every book that comes my way).

Mary Jane Anderson

P.S. Kirkus charges more than 400 bucks for one review; as you can see, my price is nowhere close to that amount!

Refund Policy: All sales are final. A review is a PERSONAL OPINION of the reviewer. The author may or may not like it, but that won’t entitle them to a refund.