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This short book is an in-depth analysis of the Bible written by someone who survived two life threatening experiences and was inspired to dedicate his time and resources toward studying the scriptures and making critical researches about it. The outcome is this eye-opening book we have here.

Over the years, there have been distortions about the original scriptures either willfully or ignorantly by people, thus it has become necessary for believers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to understand the real meanings and implications of texts as written in the Bible. The author of this book really did a great job of analyzing and explaining the true meaning of the messages of the Gospel, and within the contexts they were written in the Bible.

The author of this book did not shy away from discussing controversial issues about the scriptures like some other believers often do, rather he offers logical and in-depth explanations about them so that readers will be more purposeful as they seek for salvation.

This is one book every Christian should read from cover to cover, to help them grow spiritually and make better informed choices about their faith.



BIO: Elliot Brent is a minister in the body of Christ, who loves to think and write. Writing is a passion of mines, and it has rendered deliverance in my own life. I have great testimonies of how I came to know God and of what God has brought me through. I am an overcomer, therefore. And I desire to compel others to also experience triumph in their lives. Poetry is my writing style, knowledge is my angle, and victory is my theme — on most occasions. I believe in God, so my content is to solicit ever-lasting life by the Spirit of God.

I am a Bible believer, so the word of God is the basis of my life, my faith, and my thoughts. Thereby, I am ordained by God to minister his word (John 15:16). I’m a reader, and I am aware of the psychology of people. Because of this, I have undergone furthering my studies in a Bible Institution instead of attending a seminary school. But, foremost, it is because I have assuredly been called by God to minister his word is the reason why I am able to rightly divide God’s word (II Timothy 2:15).

Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction