Eye of The Star

Some Russian terrorists were planning to attack Franklin town in what would be the beginning of the total destruction of the United States. It was a revenge mission planned by Sergei Verenich to punish America for causing the collapse of the USSR. It would require two unlikely partners, a police detective and a psychic to save America but with his credibility on the line and questions’ being asked about his sanity, Jim is at a loss on how to collaborate with Gilda in stopping the Russians. To worsen an already tough situation, the authorities were unyielding and antagonistic to his warnings.

It wasn’t a hoax or just made up in his mind as his boss had flatly told him, Jim could feel it in his guts that millions of Americans were at risk of being wiped out and it was up to him and Gilda to save them. It would be a race against time as they struggle to preempt what the terrorists’ codenamed Final Solution.

Other characters include Judy Sato, Ted Wilson, Vladimir Kuzmich, Daniel Starkey, and Dr. Reimer etc.

Eye of the Star is a thriller and has all the vibes blockbusters are known for—a highly enjoyable book!


BIO: Born in 1932, R. H. Kohno (a pen name) has been interested in writing ever since he had a couple of poems published by his teacher when he was five years old. He was thrown into the concentration camps with his mother during WWII while his father was arrested by the FBI since he had access to a fishing boat and was suspected of contacting nonexistent enemy submarines. He was put into separate detention centers. After the war, Kohno repatriated to war-torn postwar Japan to spend thirteen years there in isolated exile as an outsider and American lookalike. Returning to the United States after a stint working for CIA in Tokyo, he settled down to get married and complete his college education, eventually earning a B.A. in English and being elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He kept alive his interest in writing and in 2001 produced his first novel, The Last Fox, A Novel of the 100th/442nd RCT. It has been followed by other works, the latest of which is Starburst Over China

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction