Key to Eternity


The moment I began to read this book, I felt relaxed as that unique feeling of déjà vu hit me. The plot was created in a down-to-earth way that captured all the frills and thrills of family life and what growing up in close-knit family is all about. The characters include Michael; a middle aged widower, his starry-eyed daughter Maddie, his psychic mother, Epiphany, their eccentric great grandmother Susan, and their lively cat Endora. Together, they set the stage for a wonderful and loving family.

Epiphany had advised Michael and Susan to move in with her so she could assist her son in looking after four-year-old Maddie while equally watching over her aged mother. However, Michael couldn’t help being scared that Maddie could end up a psychic as she was being exposed to activities that belong to the supernatural realm.

Epiphany’s profession as a psychic meant helping people to see what lies beyond the physical realm and that was exactly what brought Mano in contact with her. Mano alongside Gil and Rachel were tracking some of the vast collections of artifacts that were looted from the Baghdad Museum following the US invasion of Iraq and they were hoping that Epiphany would be of help to them. However, helping the trio to track the stolen historical items would mean not just staying away from her lovely home but even putting herself and loved ones in possible harm’s way.

Key to Eternity is quite enjoyable and also touched on current global issues bordering on how to preserve the earth’s flora and fauna.


BIO: Mallory O’Connor is a writer, an art historian, and a musician. She holds degrees in art, art history, and American history from Ohio University. For twenty years she taught art history at the University of Florida and at Santa Fe College. During this time, she also wrote hundreds of magazine articles and critical essays, and curated numerous exhibitions for museums and galleries.
She is the author of four novels— the American River Trilogy (historical fiction) and Epiphany’s Gift (a paranormal thriller) published by Archway Publishing—as well as two non-fiction books, Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast and Florida’s American Heritage River, both published by the University Press of Florida.
Born in Illinois and raised on a ranch on the American River in Northern California, Mallory now resides with her husband, artist John O’Connor, in Gainesville, Florida.

Genre: Paranormal, Thriller