This book is about a Psychic by name Epiphany, her happy home and the use of her gift in helping to fight crime. This time Maro had consulted her to help him as well as Rachel and Gilberto in tracking some of the artifacts that were stolen from the Baghdad Museum during the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Years have passed and most of the artifacts have been ferreted to diverse locations across the world, thus making it very difficult to be traced. The daunting reality was not lost on Maro which made him to seek for supernatural ways of recovering the artifacts.

Most members of Epiphany’s family, including her nonagenarian mother, Susan, her widower son Michael and even little granddaughter, Maddie were all worried about her safety since working with Maro could be risky considering the fact it entailed coming against dangerous syndicates that specialized in stolen artifacts. Also, teaming up with Maro, Rachel and Gilberto would mean staying away from home every now and then, something she hates doing especially now that her mother is not only old but also sick and Michael would be needing her help too in taking care of Maddie—that leaves Epiphany with the choice of striking a balance.

Key to Eternity has a good plot and is written in a simplified way that makes reading it an absolute delight.

BIO: Mallory O’Connor is a writer, an art historian, and a musician. She holds degrees in art, art history, and American history from Ohio University. For twenty years she taught art history at the University of Florida and at Santa Fe College. During this time, she also wrote hundreds of magazine articles and critical essays, and curated numerous exhibitions for museums and galleries.
She is the author of four novels— the American River Trilogy (historical fiction) and Epiphany’s Gift (a paranormal thriller) published by Archway Publishing—as well as two non-fiction books, Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast and Florida’s American Heritage River, both published by the University Press of Florida.
Born in Illinois and raised on a ranch on the American River in Northern California, Mallory now resides with her husband, artist John O’Connor, in Gainesville, Florida.

Genre: Paranormal, Thriller