Love, Marriage, Divorce and Growth

Naturally, poems are texts that are meant to appeal to our emotions. However, what makes this book unique is the fact that it does not speak directly to the reader, but it makes one to have a sober reflection about certain life experiences, especially in areas such as love, marriage, and divorce. The most likely explanation why it brings about such feelings could be because the author wasn’t only concerned about forming words or lines that would have lyrical meaning; instead, it came from the heart, following personal experiences she was made to pass through.

The poems are easily relatable and the reader could find him or herself having that déjà vu feeling of having been there.

Love, Marriage, Divorce and Growth is a lovely poem that speaks to the soul. One could find meanings as to why some things happen to us, while also providing possible solutions to the answers we sought.

It could make a positive difference in your life!


BIO: Shemique Blair is an educator, writer, dreamer and singing enthusiast. Born on the sunny, beautiful island of Jamaica, she moved to Canada with her family at the age of nine. The middle child of five siblings, she pens stories and poems for personal enjoyment.
In 2020, Shemique Blair published her first poetry book, Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology. Writing is a passion that she uses to share her narrative with others. She is an avid reader who still believes in true love and romance. Shemique Blair lives in the northern regions of Ontario, Canada, with her indulgent cat and her loving partner. As an educator she works to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters. Shemique Blair is currently working on a debut romance novel to be released in late 2021.

Genre: Poetry, Romance