Meth, Murder & Amazon

Mr. Grake was focused on living his American dream and thus decided it was time to sell his family house so they could move into a new dream home. However, unknown to him, what he thought was going to be a walk in the park mutates into an unexpected nightmarish journey that would eventually include a case of murder, meth and an accompanying police chase.

The real estate agent claimed that buying low and selling high was the way to go but how could things degenerate so diabolically that a law abiding citizen could become a criminal mastermind?

Characters in the book include Caffwe, Dawbee, GaRoot, Sergeant Shredded, Nater, Whitoccur, Great Jordini, and MemeMa etc.

The comical way Meth, Murder and Amazon was written is so unique and thrilling yet very much relatable. Indeed, regardless of the misery experienced by the main character; there is absolutely no way one can read this book without literally laughing their heads off.

The story may appear stranger than fiction but the irony is that it’s actually a true life story and indeed happened to real people, complete with pictures!

Aside its entertaining value, Meth, Murder & Amazon offers vital life lessons—it’s a must read!


BIO: G. S. Gerry brings to life the ultimate lemons to lemonade story. A world where the unbelievable seems made up and yet, oddly relatable. Guaranteed to bring you thrills, give you chills, and leave you thinking…WTF!

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Suspense, Thriller