The Wall


The story began on a grim note as a young and intelligent student named Annette committed suicide. She had taken her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills. However, Annette was not only a straight A’s student but was also gifted in extracurricular activities. To top it off, she equally came from a famous family, and had whatever she wanted at the snap of a finger. So, it was a mystery as to what could make such a promising girl to be so depressed to the point of taking her own life.

Unknown to many, Annette had struggled to live with a dark secret. The fact that she was brutally raped by a school mate called Don Olsen distressed her to no end. Yet, he already had an alibi in place should Annette report him to the authorities. Even when it became glaring to the management of Tucker College that Don Olsen actually violated Annette, lack of strong evidence as well as a desperate attempt to protect the image of the school was of more importance to them.  However, little did the authorities realize that Don Olsen alongside Ron Kaufman, another degenerate were serial rapists on the loose.

Incidentally, Annette’s father happened to be a famous attorney who hardly loses any case, but getting justice for his own lovely daughter becomes a tough nut to crack, especially when he does not know the actual cause of Annette’s death.

The Wall is a classic novel that highlights some horrible activities that goes on in colleges. Likewise, it captures the family arena and how things could go south once there is no love lost between the parents.

It is indeed an emotional story that would melt even the hard-hearted.


BIO: Richard Boyd is a retired professor of physics and of astronomy from Ohio state University. He’s published over 250 scientific papers and three scientific books, as well as (self-published) five novels, including this one.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction