Elquin is a thrilling Sci-Fi that would keep its reader engaged till the very end. It has all the trappings of a motion picture with its well detailed action, violence and gore.  A complete masterpiece!

The Last Enemy

Other characters in the series like Jacob, Danielle and Mary are still very much around but Max’s successful kidnap of the Jacob’s family while selling the outside world a dummy that they died in a plane crash all added to …

A Surgeon’s Knot

It’s a perfect story and aside being interesting, the Surgeon’s Knot would be a delight to anyone that needs to know explicit details of what takes place in our hospitals. 

Bless Me Father

At 487-page strong, Bless Me Father is relatively voluminous but the good side of it is that there were hardly any fluff or boring lines. However, the back and forth pattern of the plot may appear a little distractive to …

The Missing F_ctor

The antagonist is Mikhail Borichov, a shrewd Russian businessman and arms dealer who exploited the collapse of the Soviet Union to make fortunes through stealing, buying and selling of military hardware and as a matter of necessity; he made contacts …

The Turning Stone: Arshaana’s Calling

This gritty, emotionally penetrating story that not only touches upon social concerns with roots in the past but reaches into the future. The characters have depth, and the dialogue is sparkling authenticity. Here’s a story where everyone has an agenda