Planet Storyland

Planet Storyland is a short fantasy story that is exciting to read. It has only 63 pages and is ideal for young people. It can also broaden the imaginations of the reader and make them reason more objectively.


This book is most appropriate for teenagers and growing kids as they would find it exciting. The plot captures the sort of activities those within that demography would find enjoyable. Also, the book was written in a casual way with …

The Band Room

The Band Room is an entertaining book that captures not only the sort of things that happen in high school but also the larger society. It is absolutely worth reading!

A Beauty of Magic

A Beauty of Magic is an adventure book and also has illustrations that photographically explain certain scenes. It is an interesting story and would be a delight to readers, particularly teenagers.


Slaves of Men and Gods, is a highly entertaining and enlightening book most readers will certainly find intriguing. It equally has a glossary page that explained the local terms/phrases used in the book.

A Time for Vengeance

A Time for Vengeance is an interesting book that gave an insight on the sort of persecution Jews and other minorities faced during the Spanish Inquisition as well as how strong family bond can be even in times of grave …