Slaves of Men and Gods, is a highly entertaining and enlightening book most readers will certainly find intriguing. It equally has a glossary page that explained the local terms/phrases used in the book.

A Time for Vengeance

A Time for Vengeance is an interesting book that gave an insight on the sort of persecution Jews and other minorities faced during the Spanish Inquisition as well as how strong family bond can be even in times of grave …

Tupelo Honey

Characters in the book include Tupelo Honey—the narrator, Grand Daddy—who died of lung cancer, Uncle Thursgood—the erratic psycho who smoked weed like a canary, Uncle Randall—the paranoid schizophrenic who hated taking his bath, Marmalade—Tupelo’s eccentric grandmother, Moochi—Tupelo Honey’s starry-eyed childhood …

Book of Leo

Aside the gore and trails of blood and other horrific actions such as disemboweling of victims, eating of human intestines and other unspeakable things that took place in course of the story, Book of Leo equally has normal everyday activities …

The Turning Stone: Arshaana’s Calling

This gritty, emotionally penetrating story that not only touches upon social concerns with roots in the past but reaches into the future. The characters have depth, and the dialogue is sparkling authenticity. Here’s a story where everyone has an agenda