Numen the Slayer

The inordinate ambitions of these men will eventually pit them against each other as well as Numen. Who will defeat all to claim the golden throne in these endless battles?

From The Bottom of the Bay

Sonia’s mission was to get hold of Alexia but all attempts kept proving abortive as Alexia was always one step ahead of her. However, Sonia remained resolute, bringing Alexia to book will not only assuage her ego but will also …

Where Have All the Elves Gone?

Daniel found himself on a forced mission he neither understood nor wanted to be part of. With Sara, his beautiful wife kidnapped as well and brought to the alien world. He knew he had to comply with the assignment he …

A Bright Lights Clean Romance

Betsy knew she had to let go of David and with Arthur’s threat of taking custody of her beloved kids hanging like the proverbial sword of Damocles, a mortgage she could barely afford among other troubles, she was in a …

The One Meant to Last

Having fully recovered from coma, Josie returned to her meditation career while her affair with Oliver blossomed. At a point, she couldn’t help drawing parallels between Eddie that existed in her imagination and Oliver as they shared a lot of …

For I Have Sinned

At 350 pages long, the book may be average or fairly large in volume depending on individual assessment, but one thing that is not in doubt is its ability to keep you flipping through its pages till the very last.

Blind Trust

Family intrigues as well as international politics involving belligerent nations must be overcome if Japan’s damaged LNG infrastructure must be repaired, which of course is the ultimate goal.