Why They Stay

The author also provided comprehensive end-notes that would help the reader to navigate more extensively through the facts that were laid bare in this book.  


Just as the name implies, the plot weaves through snowy landscape scenery and tundra like conditions. The use of magic and sorcery as well as field battles by belligerent forces all combine to make Temple of Ice a thrilling book …


Going through the pages of Blood Bonded feels very much like watching a sci-fi movie, complete with all the actions, thrills and gore in 3D display! It has an engaging plot that is thrilling and suspenseful which could hold the …

The Brothers Silver

The book has a comical plot, well developed eccentric characters and was written in a poetic yet hilarious way that will make most readers laugh all through till the end—an interesting book that can lighten anyone’s mood!

Starburst over China

Going on a secret operation code-named CHINCHILLA in the communist country could pose a serious threat to them but they can only hope to succeed. Just like the earlier books in the series, Starburst over China is a thrilling and …