Peddling wares to the goldfields – by Michael Mardel – Review

Offers a very vivid and warm insight about the people of the goldrush generation

This book offers a very vivid and wonderful insight into the life and culture of people living around the time of goldrush (19th century). As an Australian native Michael Mardel has more than accomplished the job of a true patriot by bringing forth this sneak-peek about a rather forgotten time period. The dialogs as well as the general language and style in which the book is written is a true reflection of the time the story is set at and as such, can be called absolutely realistic.

“That’s an excellent idea, Patrick. Their lives are very rough and you may hear some bad language. Make sure your mother doesn’t hear you repeating any.”

The story flows well and keeps you glued to the end. The story has both humor as well as elements of suspense which take you by surprise, such as:

“Soon we are seated round the dining table and just tucking in, when there’s a loud knock at the front door. Father goes to see who it is and Mother and I look at each other. It’s the police. Apparently Mitzi got too eager guarding our goods and the guard has gone to the hospital. ”

You will get a fine glimpse into the social life and culture of that time period. You will also be able to get an idea about the way parents regarded their kids [“I think it would be best if you wait until you’re older and I was sure of the man who was going to teach you.”], the simple ambitions and dreams of the people of yore [“I make a better living selling my pots and pans and I get to sleep in a nice, comfy bed at least once a week,”] etc.

On the downside, certain paragraphs are badly formatted (adding line breaks where unnecessary and so on]. But if you are not too picky about formatting, you are going to enjoy the story.

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