Fall of the Raven

Quite a few things can be emotional and at the same time, soul lifting like a collection of well written poems.

Fall of the Raven contains a number of poems that are diverse in nature, with each of them having its own peculiar plot and a message it passes across. Each poem tells a story to serve a particular situation. For instance, the poem on page 28 is about an estranged lover who is missing the other partner and decides to write down how difficult life has become without them. Similarly, page 30 is a lamentation about the passing away of a mother.

Each poem comes with its own images, patterns and connections created with words that make it easy for the reader to identify with.

Poems in the Fall of the Raven was written in a provocative way, complete with metaphors and rhythm that are not only enjoyable and touching, but also creates vivid images in the minds of the reader.


BIO: Thymournia – Ali Sheikhaleslami is an Iranian artist (b. Tabriz 1983). He has started his career as a photographer 22 years ago (mainly working in Turkey and Croatia) and as a writer 15 years ago. His work were exhibited in galleries throughout Iran and Europe and he is currently holding workshops and photography lessons throughout the country.
He favours working with film, in black and white exclusively, using a Holga120 as his favorite camera, to create eerie and very emotional analogic atmospheres.
His art, deeply personal and honest, is a reflection of his experiences and feelings, speaking of grief and death, sorrow and melancholy. To convey the very core of the feelings and the images that come across minds and hearts he is pairing the photographs with poems in order to enhance both and to give the viewer and reader the experience of visual thoughts. His words show, his photographs talk.
As an author, inspired mainly by E.A. Poe and Albert Camus, in creating Fall of the Raven, the artist shows the equality between words and photos, a story being the result of them together.

Genre: Poetry