The book Forgiveness is a manuscript that takes the reader on an interesting life transforming journey that ultimately leads to absolute peace of mind. One particular factor that makes the book even more enchanting and easily relatable is the author’s use of real life experiences in passing her message across.

Also, there are relevant quotes from notable personalities on the need to forgive others, regardless of how much they may have hurt us in the past.

The book lays emphasis on the importance of forgiveness and the numerous benefits attached to it. At the end of each chapter, the author equally went the extra mile to recommend practical steps and solutions on how to achieve emotional and mental healing.

Forgiveness may have only 87 pages but it contains great lessons that would help anyone to enjoy enduring peace and perfect mental state. It is highly recommended for everyone!


BIO: Fanica Rarinca is a Romanian writer, passionate about reading and writing. She has written both personal development books, and fantasy books, but intertwined with information on emotional education, and personal development, so that readers can make the most of her books.
The author’s books are on the border of two areas, two niches.
She grew up as a Christian in the Church, from where she learned moral teachings and interpretations of the Bible. She read many religious books, teachings of contemporary holy fathers.
She read many parable books, and she read the Bible 5-6 times from end to end.
In 2000, she became a geography teacher in Galati, where she still works today.
In 2010 she discovered books, CDs, and personal development seminars. It intertwines religious and personal development teachings in the author’s writings originally.
She is also deeply passionate about movies. Some who impressed her greatly, she saw repeatedly. From each of them, she detached dialogues between the characters, like quotes from a book.
In 2015 she became acquainted with the EFT and NLP techniques for releasing, and transforming emotions, and in 2016 she worked on the Matrix Re-imprinting technique under the guidance of Nicoleta Nistor.
In 2017, she attended the courses and became a certified practitioner of the Ho’oponopono technique.
Therefore, her writings from the perspective of the teachings drawn from life, and personal experience of the ones seen at the people around, and lessons learned from the books of emotional education, personal development, religious books, and not least from fiction, and movies.

Genre: Christian, Religious, Self-Help