Life Enabling Enterprise: An Alternative Approach to Commerce


Commerce was primitively defined as an act of buying and selling, however this book radically redefined what commerce actually means.

Capitalism is the most popular economic model today and a lot has been said about how it affects human nature. However, this book has revealed that the promotion of capitalism as the dominant economic model is severely impacting negatively on the “other regarding” segment of the world populace. Capitalism infringes on their basic human nature.

This book deeply analyzes the human nature and its interpersonal relationship with regards to commerce.

The authors also made use of references; pointing to practical experiences of corporations and businesses within particular economies, to buttress their points. This method of explanation is quite refreshing and doesn’t just validate their stance but also makes it easy to assimilate.

At 614 pages long, this book is indeed voluminous but the editor did a great job of aligning the table of contents, appendix, bibliography and glossary to a scrollbar for easy navigation.

Life Enabling Enterprise is a compendium of all the important aspects of commerce and their various impacts on mankind.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction