As the name suggests, this book is a documentation of studies and researches conducted on diverse foods and their respective nutritional benefits to man. Food is one of man’s most basic necessities, and consumption of foods that have good nutritional benefits is critically important for anyone that desires to enjoy a healthy living.

In recent times, there has been increasing concerns and debates between organic foods and conventionally grown foods. However, it is interesting to note that the author of this book was able to provide reliable answers that would guide people in making the right choices.

Anyone who reads Nutrition Facts will be able to decipher and avoid plants and dairy products that may have been tainted by excessive doses of fertilizers and chemicals, and thus prevent potentially harmful substances from getting into their body.

The book has lots of crucial information that would be beneficial for everyone. For instance, chapter one revealed vital facts about plant-based foods, and this section is highly recommended for vegans and indeed everyone that consumes lots of plant-based foods.

Issues relating to genetically modified organisms (GMO), food safety, CDC, FDA and American Dietetic Association recommendations etc. were all extensively treated. Also, nutritional facts about carbohydrates, proteins and other important supplements were analyzed in such a way that one can easily leverage them to achieve good health.

Nutrition Facts is a book everyone desirous of living a healthy life should have.


BIO: Sudhir Ahluwalia is the President of Sudhirahluwalia, Inc a USA registered natural products end to end services company. He is professionally a business consultant. In the past, he has been a member of the Indian Forest Service. This is his fourth book. One of his titles – Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants has been a best seller.

Genre: Health, Non-Fiction