The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus: Benjamin and Boudica

The story revolves around a courageous couple named Benjamin and Boudica who lived during perilous times. While Benjamin was of Jewish descent, Boudica hailed from the region known today as England, yet they both shared the same worldview i.e. how to overcome the oppression, injustice and hypocrisy being perpetuated by the Romans. Both of them have a burning desire to avenge the cruel murder of their loved ones. However, the odds were agonizingly not in their favor as they confront the Roman Legions.

Characters in the book include Catus, Isolda, Fiona, Mark, Barnabas, Cogidubnus, Kale, General Paulinus and John etc.

Boudica’s daughters had been ravaged, her escorts burned to death while she suffered unspeakable brutality. Benjamin’s wife was defiled and eventually murdered in cold blood. They became united in their quest to bring down the evil Romans and would do whatever it takes to achieve their mission.

The Everlasting Spring has an intriguing plot that was set following the Biblical New Testament era. It is a book that will not just entertain its reader but would also enlighten them. It provides a unique perspective and thought provoking ideas on historical/religious events most people often take for granted.

BIO: Frank Audrain (Author Francis Audrain) is a direct descendant of patriots whose North American patriarch was a Franco-Viking.

Pierre “Peter” Audrain came to the New World from Normandy and entered the British Colony of Pennsylvania before the American Revolutionary War. He fought for Independence from England and had sons, grandsons and great-grandsons who fought in every American conflict since, ending with Frank’s worldwide service as a United States Marine, West Point Cadet, and well decorated Airborne-Ranger, Infantry Officer.

In November of 1989 as the “Cold War” with Russia was ending, Frank and his family returned to civilian life in the American West, where he began a second career in the corporate banking business, with First Interstate Bank of Nevada. Frank knew about Wells Fargo Bank, it’s brand, and it’s history. His great grand-parents came West in the California Gold Rush, as the legendary company was founded. They travelled in the company’s Concord Stagecoaches, and for many long years, were loyal Wells Fargo branch customers. Thus in 1996, when Frank was urged to join the company’s eastward expansion he boarded the Stagecoach without any hesitation.

In September of 2001, the Audrain family began another relocation. It was their sixteenth family move since Dana and Frank were married at West Point, in June of 1968. And from the Wells Fargo Center, in downtown Minneapolis, Frank reached out in two directions, to extend Wells Fargo’s Commercial Banking Division from the Continental Divide to the Atlantic Coast; and when the final mergers, acquisitions and integrations had been completed, the Audrain’s “stepped down from the Stagecoach” to begin another, new life.

After slowing down, catching up with some personal and family interests, and enjoying the time to do a deep-dive of reflection, Frank began his third vocation writing short stories for magazines–and The Everlasting Spring: Beyond Olympus trilogy soon emerged, from a recommendation by the editor of a popular magazine publishing house in New York: “We loved your short story about the Man Who Loved Blue Star…and hope you will expand it as a trilogy.”

With that, Frank became Author Francis Audrain with the same drive in a remarkable life, and a world-wide view, seeking true history, as a risk taker who never hesitated to “go for the gusto” with challenges, as a youth, and beyond, was ready and willing to offer literary prose with a purpose, a reason, and exceptional meaning for readers who love authentic historical fiction inspired by actual events–involving heroic men and women–enhanced by a variety of sub-genres, adding interest and variety for adults who want open-minded wisdom and enlightenment, replete with “food for thought” regarding human nature, war and peace, and the reality of real people seeking pathways to happiness with everlasting truth, and true love.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Spiritual