The Gold Rose

Clint was in line to inherit his father’s company and assets but he was already in love with Angelina, a Mexican lady. Unfortunately, the prospects of marrying a Mexican were unacceptable to his old fashioned father. A murder frame-up had them beating a retreat towards the Mexican border. They were en-route Mexico when they found a toddler and her dead parents. Since they were already running away from a possible murder charge, reporting the incident to the authorities could worsen their already tough situation. Will they triumph over the grand conspiracy?

Characters in the book include Cruz, Edgar, Olivia, Grant, Darla, Raphael, Babe, Luka, and Pinkie etc.

Edgar was working in China as a missionary when the Japanese invaded the country. His wife who had missed him so much decided to visit him unannounced. Unbeknownst to her, the country had already gone belly-up. Would they survive the ensuing crises?

The Gold Rose is a gripping story that was told in multiple plots. It also traversed several countries and gave an insight about historical events such as the Japanese invasion of China and the deadly civil war that followed between the Communists and Nationalists.

A book worth reading!

BIO: Jodi Lea Stewart is a fiction author who loves to write stories showing the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Growing up with an Okie mom and a Texan dad, Jodi’s writing reflects her life beginning in Texas, her relocation as a youngster to an Arizona cattle ranch next door to the Navajo and Apache Nations, and resuming as a young adult in her native Texas. On the ranch, she climbed petroglyph-etched boulders, bounced two feet in the air in the backend of pickups wrestling through washed-out terracotta roads, and rode horseback on the winds of her imagination through the arroyos and hills of the Arizona high country. Later, she left her University of Arizona studies to move to San Francisco where she learned about peace, love, and exactly what she didn’t want to do with her life. Afterward, Jodi graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Business Management, raised three+ children, worked as an electro-mechanical drafter, penned humor columns for a college periodical, wrote regional Western articles, and served as managing editor of a Fortune 500 corporate newsletter. Her lifetime friendship with an eclectic mix of all races, grizzled cow punchers, hillbillies and intellectuals, as well as the southern gentry, inspires Jodi to write historical and contemporary novels set in the South, the Southwest, and beyond. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband, two Standard poodles, one rescue cat, and numerous large, extremely bossy houseplants.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery