Victoria (The Founders)


Ex-war veteran Mike DeGrasso had won the Californian governorship election while promising to shut the door on illegal immigrants. A principled and devoted man, Mike was determined to keep his promise but little did he envisage the extent his opponents will go just to stop him. Would he be able to survive the political battle of his life or is it going to end in disgrace? Only time will tell.

Carlos was an illegal immigrant from Mexico who worked in a construction yard so he could provide for his family. However, in a desperate attempt to boost his savings and build a nest, he got involved in shady deals. Carlos realized he was swimming in dangerous waters and could be picked up any moment and either jailed or deported to Mexico where they are likely to face an uncertain future.

Other characters in the book include Mike, Josephine, Stern, Ballard, Julio, Carlos, Mendoza , Dominic, Stone, Griswold, Marisol, Carmella and Dawkins etc.

This book is action-packed and thrilling to read. It captured the experiences of illegal immigrants as well as the challenges faced by politicians. It’s enjoyable and absolutely worth reading!


BIO: Born and raised in Chicago and now live in a suburb of that city. Served in Marine Corps and gradyuated with a BA in Journalism from Northern Illinois University. Was professional business writer for more t han 20 years before becoming a teAcher for 16 years.

Genre: Political