Your Father Has Something to Tell You

Mark was a gentle and easygoing man who looked after his family, but he had grown up to realize his parents had alcohol problem. It was not just an embarrassing situation he had to deal with but when it began to pose a threat to their health and wellbeing, he came to the conclusion that something urgent needed to be done in order to save their lives. However, getting his parents to drop the bad habit became a great challenge.

Other characters in the book include Rachel, Leslie, Katherine, Dr. Madison, Mr. Crawford, Charles, and Mr. Aherne etc.

The story is very interesting and was told through the perspective of Mark. It captured family life experiences in an enchanting way. The characters are well developed and the book has a good plot that centered on interpersonal relationship within the family.

Being 556-page long, the book is quite voluminous, but it’s one that offers an extensive reading pleasure most readers will definitely enjoy.


BIO: Dave Riese grew up in Massachusetts, graduating from Arlington High School and attending Bates College in Maine, majoring in English literature. During his junior year, he studied at Oxford University and travelled throughout Europe.
During the Vietnam War, Riese enlisted in the Air Force one step ahead of his draft board’s invitation to join the army. He married Susan, his high school sweetheart, before his posting to the Philippines at Clark Air Base.
After his service, with no computer experience, Riese was hired by Liberty Mutual Insurance to attend their computer training course. He learned later that the major reason he was hired was his writing and communications background. He’s often said, “Only goes to show you that an English degree is a valuable asset!”
After thirty-five years working in information technology, he retired in 2012 and then sat down, for a long talk with himself: “If you want to publish a book, you’d better take writing seriously.”
Riese is the author Echo from Mount Royal, a novel about a young woman’s strange courtship in 1951 Montreal. Your Father Has Something to Tell You is his second novel.
He and his wife live north of Boston; their married children live in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. They have four grandchildren.

Genre: Literary Fiction