Weeding Out the Riffraff

This book mirrors the sort of lifestyle a good number of African Americans pass through and is as intriguing as some of the best scripted fictional stories, but what makes it extraordinary is the fact that it all happened to …

Why They Stay

The author also provided comprehensive end-notes that would help the reader to navigate more extensively through the facts that were laid bare in this book.  

Rock And Roll Children

One peculiar thing about nonfiction books is how natural and relatable they can be. This book is refreshing and enjoyable to read, and will certainly bring back memories of the good old days and how much the world has changed …

Keep Smiling

The book also contains tips and “Model Basics” from a veteran that could make all the difference. Keep Smiling is a must-have book for every model!

Finding Medusa

Flipping the pages of this book will give the younger generation an idea of how life used to be and a nostalgic feeling to older people. The challenges, triumphs as well as the tragedies Donna experienced could bring tears to …