Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventure that is Stolen. I was thrilled by the intertwined relationships between the characters and the powerful plot twists that kept me guessing throughout the journey. Lynn, Kurt, Rose, and Reed are beautifully constructed …


While growing up in Tehran, Zhila Shirazi soon realized that she had certain peculiarities that made her different from other kids. She was not only a Jewish girl in the midst of hostile Persian Muslims but was also deaf. As …


A striking feature that makes this book a lot more interesting to read, is the analytical and refreshing way it was written. Thus it comes natural for the reader to not just like the protagonist but also to easily relate …

Why They Stay

The author also provided comprehensive end-notes that would help the reader to navigate more extensively through the facts that were laid bare in this book.  

Death by Chaos

Death by Chaos is an interesting book that captured the lifestyles and activities many college students often get involved in. This is a book most teenagers will love to read.