Hair on Fire

Hair on Fire may appear like a strange name for a book like this, but the contents can make a huge difference about how we celebrate Christmas.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel gives a very vivid picture of what the judgment day could look like. This inspirational book can easily reawaken the consciousness of what lies in wait for every mortal. The fact that there is a reward in the …

The Quest for Family

The Quest for Family is a touching true life story, although names of its characters were altered to protect the identity of those involved. The book also gave an insight on how life used to be years ago; about family …

Jesus, His Brothers & Paul

Jesus, James, and Paul were once considered by some people as mere fictional characters until the discovery of documents at Nag Hamadi in Egypt in 1945, as well as the Dead Sea Scroll discoveries of 1947 and 1956. A lot …


One unique aspect of this book is that it did not just encourage spirituality and faith, but also projected practical ways through which believers of God’s words can achieve the results they desire—an amazing book that should be read by …

The Dawning of Peace

The Dawning of Peace is an interesting and eye-opening story that captured the political crises that affected Ireland, Northern Ireland and England for several decades. It was narrated in two parts; between an earlier period and a more contemporary time.

Acts of the Women

Acts of the Women is no doubt interesting to read and even comical in some instances as both known and unknown characters interacted in a rather thought-provoking way.


Loving Preston is an emotional novella that could bring tears to the eyes of the reader. It is no doubt a very short book but one that will definitely make an impact!