The Rise of Riverstone

The Rise of Riverstone has a medieval plot and an interesting storyline. At 637 pages, the book is indeed voluminous but the thrilling aspect of it is that it’s absolutely enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

Acts of the Women

Acts of the Women is no doubt interesting to read and even comical in some instances as both known and unknown characters interacted in a rather thought-provoking way.

KICKER ONE (Going the Distance)

A unique feature that makes Kicker One absolutely enjoyable to read is the funny but flowery way the author describes characters and scenes as they unfold in the book. This is a crime story that would keep readers engrossed to …


The book is highly enlightening about the sort of activities that went down during WW1 and equally has a captivating story that will certainly hold the reader spellbound as they turn the pages.


Just as the name implies, A Family at War is a book that captured the adventures, horrors, tragedy and emotions that flare up during warfare—a touching story that promises to hold you spellbound till the end.

Range War Legacy

Range War Legacy is an emotional but highly entertaining book and it portrayed how unfair life could be, as well as the sort of scenarios that used to be the norm in certain parts of the United States.