The Great Game

The Great Game is the first book in the series of a science fiction set in the future, a time when humans are able to occupy different planets. This book is a thriller with no dull moment and pushes the …

Victoria (The Founders)

This book is action-packed and thrilling to read. It captured the experiences of illegal immigrants as well as the challenges faced by politicians. It’s enjoyable and absolutely worth reading!

All Men Are Created

All Men Are Created is indeed thought-provoking as it elicited intelligent questions that have remained unanswered over the years. The book is equally informative, complete with well-researched historical evidences and irrefutable facts.  Nobody should miss this eye-opener!

Taming The Tida

Taming the Tida is no doubt a thrilling fictional book, yet it feels more or less like a time travel into the future. It is a thought provoking book that can push the imaginations of the reader, especially in areas …

The Trump Affair – Part 1

Satirical books can be funny and often aimed at bringing to the fore, the bad character of a public figure. However, The Trump Affair is one hell of a classic book that is highly entertaining and could make you to …


The book will certainly give young people an insight into what went down during that interesting period of global history, while also offering older folks the opportunity to reminisce with nostalgia. 


The book has a rich plot and fairly developed characters, and with the author’s elaborate way of describing scenes, all combined to make it captivating.
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