Like a modern-day H.G. Wells, Kaylin McFarren’s High Flying, ventures boldly into the fourth dimension, where history is reimagined, and epiphanies come in three-dimensional, real time. "High Flying" is one of the most unique suspense thrillers I have read in …

Lifelong Fulfillment

This is indeed a hugely inspiring book that could easily motivate any reader into making conscious positive changes. You can truly become your best possible version by reading and implementing all that was recommended in this book.

Moonlight Beach: Murder and Magic

Moonlight Skull is a thrilling paranormal story, complete with suspense, violence and gore. In-between are some racy sex scenes that leaves nothing to the imagination. This book has over 400 pages, yet it keeps readers engaged all through—a rare feat …


Boys is a highly entertaining book most teenagers would easily relate with. Likewise, adult readers would have nostalgic feelings as it will make them to reminisce about how they enjoyed their teenage years when life was young, wild and free.


Gemm&I was written in flowery English that flows seamlessly and is absolutely enjoyable to read. This book would not only keep you entertained but will also make you laugh, chuckle and even cry. It is indeed a classic—the sort you …