Aside its entertaining value, the book is also an eye opener about lots of passive “behind-the-scene” activities that occurred during biblical times that were either wrongly reported or not reported at all. The author obviously researched deeply and the result …


Forgiveness may have only 87 pages but it contains great lessons that would help anyone to enjoy enduring peace and perfect mental state. It is highly recommended for everyone!

The Brothers Silver

The book has a comical plot, well developed eccentric characters and was written in a poetic yet hilarious way that will make most readers laugh all through till the end—an interesting book that can lighten anyone’s mood!


Westward Lies The Sun is an interesting book that captured the cultural differences between America and Japan. The plot spans several decades between the era of WW11 and contemporary times, and covers areas such as politics, economy, religion and sociocultural …

A Course in Christianity

Due to the way it was written, A Course in Christianity belongs to the category of books one would hardly get tired of reading, this is because each moment of flipping through its pages tends to give a new insight.


The plot took a twist when Randy was confirmed dead and he was taken to heaven where he encountered great men that lived during Bible times and he had a sneak-peek of what heaven looks like before he later resurrected.

Rough Way to the Highway

Dr. Hashim lived a respectable lifestyle as a medical practitioner but no one knew he was planning a terror attack that will make 9/11 appear like a child’s play, and the nuclear device was expected to destroy about half of …