Finding Faith

Finding Faith is a classic story that exposes the realities of life. It’s unlike most other fictional stories with their usual fairytale ending. Finding Faith feels more natural and touching. It’s an enjoyable story many readers would easily relate with, …

Purple Michaelmas

Purple Michaelmas is an intriguing book about love, family life, spirituality and adventure. It has a unique plot as well as interesting characters thus giving rise to a highly enjoyable story.

Fateful Hope

Fateful Hope was written in a back and forth manner between the past and present. A captivating story about love, adventure and determination—a book most people would find entertaining to read.

The Rise of Riverstone

The Rise of Riverstone has a medieval plot and an interesting storyline. At 637 pages, the book is indeed voluminous but the thrilling aspect of it is that it’s absolutely enjoyable from the beginning to the end.