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Send Me a Manuscript Full of Errors => Get an Error-Free, Coherent Copy.

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It is no secret that the secret to transforming your book from an ‘amateur work’ to a ‘professionally written bestseller’ is…

…Getting a Qualified EDITOR on Board!

I LOVE words. Anyone who has used my book review service knows how ‘wordy’ I can be! Jokes apart, if you are looking for a professional editor who does not charge exorbitant prices, your search ends right here.


I wanted to share my experience that MJ provided for me during our project "A Silent Life." (I currently have 6 books published – but this one would become the most important to me.)

I have used other editors and sadly they have all fallen short of my expectations. Then I was told to look at ILOVEUNIQUEBOOKS.COM. This is where I met MJ. I detailed the current manuscript I had completed and what was required to complete this project. Unfortunately, I was also under a timeline to meet with our publisher.

MJ stepped up and assured us we had found the right person to take on this task. Not only finishing on our time crunch, she was extremely thorough on our nearly 140,000 word manuscript.

BUT…the best was yet to come. Once completed she sent it off to us and while reviewing it she had made comments along the way. This would be of great value to us. She asked questions that not only challenged the story line that forced us to rewrite, but asked the right questions in order for the story to flow so much better for a reader to understand. This is what I immediately loved about MJ. The book now published "A Silent Life" would be the most important book for us to release and I love it! I’m proud to have MJ part of our team.

I have finally found my life long editor and I HIGHLY recommend MJ from ILOVEUNIQUEBOOKS.COM

Jeffrey D. Barbieri

Thank you Mary for Beta reading and editing an excerpt from my forthcoming Sci-fi thriller. Your suggestion that I add character hints to conversations will help me develop characters more fully. In the final edit I want to flesh them out and you have shown me how to do it.

Richard Lapointe

Thank you, Mary, this was perfect. I was impressed with your overall sense of story, and you seemed to get where I was going with it. I also agree that the weaknesses you found were exactly what I thought needed help. That was why I wanted a beta reader, another pair of (intelligent, sensitive) eyes. I have another novel that needs beta reading, I will send it to you in a few days. All the best to you!


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Are you concerned about the plot of your novel or the voice of your character(s)? As your beta reader, I will provide constructive feedback on your novel, including plot holes, if any. As your editor, I will make your novel coherent by fixing awkward phrasing, bad grammar, repetitions, tense agreement, spacing, flow of the sentences, missing words, continuity errors, etc.  

My guarantee to you is this: Send me a manuscript full of errors (for that matter, you can also add some extra ‘errors’ to the manuscript deliberately, if you wish to test my mettle real good 😛 ) and I will send you a CLEAN copy that is:

– Full of clarity (if you opt for my beta reading service)
– Fully proofed for grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax (if you opt for my editing/proofreading service)

Average Turnaround Time: 1 -2 weeks (depending on the length of your project).

As affordable as my rates already are, I am offering a flat 30% discount for a limited time. I cannot share samples as that would mean violating the privacy of my clients. You can use the trial service of 1,500 words first if you want:


Short Text – Trial – Up to 1,500 Words: 76 53 USD
Short Novel – Novella – Up to 40K Words: 211 148 USD
Standard Novel – Up to 100K Words: 376 263 USD


Short Text – Trial – Up to 1,500 Words: 76 53 USD
Short Novel – Novella – Up to 40K Words: 376 263 USD
Standard Novel – Up to 100K Words: 750 525 USD


Short Text – Trial – Up to 1,500 Words: 77 54 USD
Short Novel – Novella – Up to 40K Words: 466 326 USD
Standard Novel – Up to 100K Words: 900 630 USD

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Terms and Refund Policy:

I agree:

-Not to keep any copies, electronic or paper, after I am done beta-reading/editing
-Not to post any excerpts of the document online
-Not to plagiarize any of the book

You (the author) agree:

-To send me a legible copy of your book in one of the required formats

-That all sales are final. No refund will be issued under any circumstances. If you are unsure, please use the trial service first.