Cyberdawn: Beginnings

At 746-page long, Cyberdawn:Beginnings is quite a voluminous book, but to its credit, there were no fluff instead it’s fast paced and highly entertaining. This is a thrilling book that will keep you on the edge as you turn its …

The Light Reapers

The Light Reapers are a group made up of 8 highly efficient but ruthless US military combatants. They had successfully conducted several special ops in the past, all with top notch result. Thus, when a tri-nation combo; made up of …

Karman (A Novel)

Working alongside his partner, Ryan, Detective Arquette realized they were in a race against time but he was determined to unravel the mystery behind the murders, even if it means checking into a psychiatric home.

Wolf Omega

Wolf Omega is a very interesting paranormal book that captured the harrowing experiences people were made to pass through in parts of Europe when civilization was yet to take root. At 466 pages, this book is quite voluminous yet loaded …


Reading this book feels very much like watching a horror movie on high definition display—it’s indeed a highly entertaining horror book that will definitely keep your heart pounding till the end!