From the very first page, it became obvious how interesting Dark Descent into Desire would be, as the story commenced with Blake and James conversing airily about women and how to live a life of no holds barred fun. One fascinating thing about this book is the refreshing way events are presented. The author highlights every detail vividly, in such an interesting way that makes reading it feel like motion picture.

The plot is rich and well scripted, and continually throws up moments of suspense. One notable factor about the plot is how it closely follows on the trail of each major character. Each new chapter continues with the story from the perspective of a different character. So, in essence, it’s not just one major character that the reader has to identify with, and the good thing about it is that each character is well developed, distinct and with strong emotions. However, an opportunistic encounter between Blake (who is rich and handsome) and Penelope (poor and beautiful) would herald an intriguing love affair.

Also worthy of mention is the author’s use of powerful lyrical lines in passing across a message.

The major characters include Blake, James, Penelope, Lilly, Sheldon, and Jimmy among others.

Lest I forget, Dark Descent into Desire as the name may have hinted, is suitable for adults only as there are lots of 18+ statements and scenes that bordered on sex and other related lewd contents.


Genre: Horror, Psychological, Romance, Suspense