All Men Are Created

All Men Are Created is indeed thought-provoking as it elicited intelligent questions that have remained unanswered over the years. The book is equally informative, complete with well-researched historical evidences and irrefutable facts.  Nobody should miss this eye-opener!

Justice in the Age of Judgment

Justice in the Age of Judgment is a true life story that reads like a fictional blockbuster crime novel. It also chronicled some of the globally famous trials like that of O. J. Simpson who was accused of murdering his …

The Way We Were

This nonfiction is a true life story like no other, as Jimmy, alongside three other main characters recounted the fads, technology, politics and indeed the sights and sounds of that era complete with pictures!

The Magical Sex Book

It emphasized about 4 steps toward enjoying a deeply satisfying sex, i.e. Pre-Play, Fore-Play, The-Play and After-Play, as well as the need to maintain connection and communication for specific age brackets.