Natural Solutions for Cancer

This book provides a deep insight on cancer, an ailment that has continued to pose a serious threat to millions of people globally. Unlike other major health challenges that can now either be cured completely or at least managed effectively, all thanks to orthodox medical researchers, cancer on the other hand has remained a huge challenge.

Treatment of cancer today relies mainly on surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Some of these treatment strategies can have significant adverse effects on the body. Alternatively, there are also effective natural solutions with minimal side effects that patients and caregivers can also consider. This book critically examines some of these options with the objective to help patients/caregivers to make informed choices.

It is important to emphasize that not all herbal solutions are safe, and fortunately, the author of this book was able to factor in all that.

It is also reassuring to note that this book is the culmination of vast studies and research on the oriental ways of naturally curing cancer with little or no side effects. In addition, the book will not just help people to understand vital issues about cancer and how it affects its victims, but also assist them in countering them effectively.

This book is highly recommended for cancer patients and caregivers as it could make a whole world of difference to them.

Genre: Health, Non-Fiction, Self-Help