Finding Medusa

Finding Medusa is a real life emotional story that is as captivating to read, as a perfectly scripted fiction. It is about Donna, a girl who was born in a middle class dysfunctional American family, in an environment where love was a scarce commodity. Her mother was incapable of showing affection, as she too was a victim of abuse while growing up.

Finding Medusa is an engaging book that captured the ups and downs a girl-child experienced in her journey to womanhood.

Other characters in the book include Morine, Dr. Wien, Sue, Carm, Sandy, Jan, Gary, Kim, Pete, Fred etc.

Flipping the pages of this book will give the younger generation an idea of how life used to be and a nostalgic feeling to older people. The challenges, triumphs as well as the tragedies Donna experienced could bring tears to the eyes of the reader. It mirrors the popular saying that life is not a bed of roses, but the story will definitely inspire anyone to always persevere in their dreams, not minding whatever turbulence they may encounter until success is achieved.

This is one book anyone will be glad to read!


BIO: Donna Fields Brown is a recently published author of her first book, an autobiography, “Finding Medusa – The Making of an Unlikely Rock Star.” She hales from Chicago, Illinois and lived in Broomfield, Colorado for 30 plus years, about as many years as she resided in Colorado. Donna now lives in Pearce, Arizona, a small, rural community with her husband, Gary, and faithful canine companion, Caddy. In addition to her new book, Donna was one of 40 authors selected out of over 1000 applicants to have her article about yoga published in “Yoga in America,” a book that was released in February 2009. When she is not writing or reading, Donna loves to run and hike, and teach yoga in her community.

Genre: Biography, Memoir, Non-Fiction