The Mysterious Language of Numerology & Angel Numbers

The author experienced certain occurrences early in his life which he observed was beyond the ordinary and decided to delve deeper to ascertain why. This made him to dedicate his time and resources in researching more about mysticism, divinity, and astrology. He also visited diverse countries to study more about different cultures and religion. All these culminated in this intriguing book.

The author convincingly explained the meaning of numbers and their implications on individuals. He also drew parallels with numbers across different cultures and religions, and the results are quite intriguing. Through the information contained in this book, it is indeed startling to realize that numbers, sequences and patterns can be deduced to make pinpoint revelations about people.

Also, there are tables and infographics that would help the reader to easily understand the message being passed across.

Any human that doesn’t take things on their face value would find in this book, a great resource tool.


BIO: Charlie Emerson, the oracle of Astrology, has worked as an astrologer and tarot reader for over 20 years. As a naturally curious and compassionate human being, Charlie helps people resolve family problems, find a soul mate, and decide the right job for them. Growing up, she was a curious child. Her inquisitive nature meant that she questioned everything. Grew up in Louisiana, USA but moved around a lot as a child. When Charlie was 10, her family moved to Romania. At the age of 15, her family moved once again to Haiti. Now, Charlie is a mother of 3.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Spiritual