Overall, this is a deliciously twisty mystery/thriller. The characters are beautifully drawn, and I was guessing right up till the end! Balistreri writes with a deep understanding of the darker side of the human heart and what may drive someone …


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventure that is Stolen. I was thrilled by the intertwined relationships between the characters and the powerful plot twists that kept me guessing throughout the journey. Lynn, Kurt, Rose, and Reed are beautifully constructed …


Like a modern-day H.G. Wells, Kaylin McFarren’s High Flying, ventures boldly into the fourth dimension, where history is reimagined, and epiphanies come in three-dimensional, real time. "High Flying" is one of the most unique suspense thrillers I have read in …


The plot was set in 1980’s Melbourne when gay rights weren’t so strong and defined. The book is highly entertaining and equally shows how far the world has gone in bringing equality to people of diverse sexual orientation.

Dream Physics

This book is a thought-provoking masterpiece virtually everyone would find intriguing to read, but particularly more so for people who don’t like following the bandwagon sheepishly. It will widen your horizon and make you see things differently and more logically!

Little Bit

Little Bit is the type of book that will push your imaginations to the very limit. Will the relationship between the strange groups eventually end in an enduring peace or would it result in an apocalypse? Only time will tell.

The Light Reapers

The Light Reapers are a group made up of 8 highly efficient but ruthless US military combatants. They had successfully conducted several special ops in the past, all with top notch result. Thus, when a tri-nation combo; made up of …

My House

My House is an interesting story that revolves around love, family, and passion. It is the sort of book no reader will want to drop until they read the last page.


Just as the name implies, A Family at War is a book that captured the adventures, horrors, tragedy and emotions that flare up during warfare—a touching story that promises to hold you spellbound till the end.


Boys is a highly entertaining book most teenagers would easily relate with. Likewise, adult readers would have nostalgic feelings as it will make them to reminisce about how they enjoyed their teenage years when life was young, wild and free.