Love Profane

Love Profane is a book that could be enjoyed by just anyone simply because it will resonate with both parents and children alike. It captured most of the challenges children face when parents fail to pay enough attention to their …

Loose Threads

Although the book is fairly large at 425 pages but it still remains an interesting work of fiction by all standards, and being a series means it could hold the reader’s attention for the subsequent volumes in the series.  

The Missing F_ctor

The antagonist is Mikhail Borichov, a shrewd Russian businessman and arms dealer who exploited the collapse of the Soviet Union to make fortunes through stealing, buying and selling of military hardware and as a matter of necessity; he made contacts …

The Brindle

The book has a good plot that was complimented with outstanding characters, a combination that made reading it addictive and interesting by all standards. 

Random Amusements

Each of the short stories and flash fiction are all unique and no doubt quite interesting. However, their short nature means they would appeal more to children and the young at heart.  

Eris Adrift

Eris Adrift could be a work of fiction unlike the Titanic but its plot isn’t farfetched as what took place in the book could probably still happen someday in an unpredictable world like ours.

Common Sense and Reasonable Answers

The author touched on virtually every facet of life in America, from jobs to economy, national debt to healthcare system and security, and also on Christianity and the Church with thought provoking ideas on human existence and the afterlife.