The Midwife’s Touch

The Midwife’s Touch is an interesting novel that also touched on the lives of American natives. It also provided an insight about the political and sociocultural activities of 19th century United States.

The Gold Rose

The Gold Rose is a gripping story that was told in multiple plots. It also traversed several countries and gave an insight about historical events such as the Japanese invasion of China and the deadly civil war that followed between …


Winter Pale recounts the atrocities that were committed during WW11 in a unique but deeply touching way. One can’t read this book without deeply feeling emotional and teary.

The Dawning of Peace

The Dawning of Peace is an interesting and eye-opening story that captured the political crises that affected Ireland, Northern Ireland and England for several decades. It was narrated in two parts; between an earlier period and a more contemporary time.


The Revolution is a thrilling story that captured the politics and culture, as well as the uprisings that occurred during that turbulent period in America.
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