The book is highly enlightening about the sort of activities that went down during WW1 and equally has a captivating story that will certainly hold the reader spellbound as they turn the pages.


Just as the name implies, A Family at War is a book that captured the adventures, horrors, tragedy and emotions that flare up during warfare—a touching story that promises to hold you spellbound till the end.

Range War Legacy

Range War Legacy is an emotional but highly entertaining book and it portrayed how unfair life could be, as well as the sort of scenarios that used to be the norm in certain parts of the United States.

The Messiah’s Slave

The book captured some of the Biblical events from a different perspective that appeared to make a mockery of it and thus would be seen as offensive by some Christians who hold their faith as sacred. The Messiah’s Slave is …


Demigod is a very interesting book to read and includes animal characters and unicorns that have the ability to communicate with humans, through the mages.
Genre: …


At 439 pages long, Fields of Grace is a fairly big book but the good thing about it is that there are no dull moments. It flows seamlessly in a back and forth interwoven rhythm between past and present events. …

13 Green Dragons

Reading this book would definitely give anyone the chills, as Allan Lobeck narrates the gut wrenching experiences he passed through. The suspense and anxiety is surreal, and it feels more like watching a horrifying thriller with everything in high definition …


Redfish Oak is an educative book, and captured most of the activities that were prevalent in the United States during the 19th century, especially about the treatment of Negroes and Red Indians as well as how some Southerners related with …


The book will certainly give young people an insight into what went down during that interesting period of global history, while also offering older folks the opportunity to reminisce with nostalgia.