For The Love of a Pirate

The story centers on Kelly, a spinster who hasn’t been lucky in her relationships with the opposite sex. Kelly has come to the realization that life is not a bed of roses and one has to work with what is available. However, she couldn’t fathom why she kept having vivid dreams where she went on a time travel back to the medieval era and having encounters with strange men.  It was only when she decided to write down her experiences that the whole picture began to fall into place.

Other characters in the book include Clementia, Dan, DeVere, Denise, Cecelia, Glenn, David, Leanne etc.

For The Love of a Pirate is an enchanting book with a plot that merged past activities as happened during ancient times with contemporary lifestyle, through the perspective of the main character.

This is a uniquely different book from the norm and will certainly thrill its reader!


BIO: When not researching, reading, or writing about pirates, I work full time. So far in my life, I’ve been a radio station disc jockey, a city bus driver, a cashier, and various other things in no particular order.

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction