A Course in Christianity

Due to the way it was written, A Course in Christianity belongs to the category of books one would hardly get tired of reading, this is because each moment of flipping through its pages tends to give a new insight.


In essence, this book could be described as an analogy of the technological progress that has taken place in the world, particularly within the United States, and how it affects what would be available in the near future.

Away To Me, My Love

Overall, this is a wonderfully lovely tale of heart. The characters are beautifully drawn, and I was glued to every word. Naomi writes with a deep understanding of the sweeter side of the human heart and the appeal of human …

Common Sense and Reasonable Answers

The author touched on virtually every facet of life in America, from jobs to economy, national debt to healthcare system and security, and also on Christianity and the Church with thought provoking ideas on human existence and the afterlife.