Acts of the Women

Acts of the Women is no doubt interesting to read and even comical in some instances as both known and unknown characters interacted in a rather thought-provoking way.


Loving Preston is an emotional novella that could bring tears to the eyes of the reader. It is no doubt a very short book but one that will definitely make an impact!

He Goes Out Weeping

One thing is certain about this book; you can’t read it without laughing so hard repeatedly. There are loads of comical lines that will literally have you rolling on the ground with laughter.


Aside its entertaining value, the book is also an eye opener about lots of passive “behind-the-scene” activities that occurred during biblical times that were either wrongly reported or not reported at all. The author obviously researched deeply and the result …


Forgiveness may have only 87 pages but it contains great lessons that would help anyone to enjoy enduring peace and perfect mental state. It is highly recommended for everyone!

About My Father’s Business

  This short book is an in-depth analysis of the Bible written by someone who survived two life threatening experiences and was inspired to dedicate his time and resources toward studying the scriptures and making critical researches about it. The …


Westward Lies The Sun is an interesting book that captured the cultural differences between America and Japan. The plot spans several decades between the era of WW11 and contemporary times, and covers areas such as politics, economy, religion and sociocultural …

Astoria Rumors

It would be hard for anyone to read Astoria Rumors without fighting the urge to cry. It is a book that was written in a way that makes the events appear so real yet highly captivating. It is a book …