This book is highly recommendable, especially to animal lovers, pet owners or just anyone who desires to understand or communicate with animals more effectively—it will reveal a lot of things that will certainly amaze you!


Epiphany’s Gift is a suspenseful thriller that will set any reader’s heartbeat racing, as one ominous scene tumbles into another. The author did a great job of narrating events in a gripping way, thus making it seem so real.

The Lady is Trouble

Julian was torn between protecting Piper and manifesting his love for her, and worse still, the gift of clairvoyance equally stood in the way. However, he must find a way around the barriers so they could live a happy life …

Ghost of Cambria

A unique blend of gorgeous descriptions/locations, enduring characters, and terrifying realities. I think that everyone can gain something from reading this story. Highly recommended if you like well-written, edge-of-your-seat storytelling!

Where Have All the Elves Gone?

Daniel found himself on a forced mission he neither understood nor wanted to be part of. With Sara, his beautiful wife kidnapped as well and brought to the alien world. He knew he had to comply with the assignment he …