Christianity a Flawed Religion

This book is about the Christian faith and how best to understand certain biblical doctrines. It offers one of the most radically inspiring insights about the bible that is devoid of sentiment or bias. Written by a nonagenarian who has literally experienced life and its vicissitudes; poverty, wars, economic depressions, as well as excommunication, and has watched the world continually transform to become what it is today—a true believer of the gospel whose mission is to help set the records straight.

He touched on several areas that not a few people have one way or another seen to be quite confusing such as the meaning of life and death, the purpose of life, certain doctrines etc. and was able to provide answers to them.

By drawing parallels with some life experiences, he was able to offer logical explanations to existing issues.

Flawed Religion is the outcome of a well-researched book that was penned down by someone who wasn’t afraid to ask deep questions while equally expecting commensurate answers, and when those he expected to provide the answers decided to be evasive and worse still excommunicate him, he realized it was time to seek for answers and solutions, and he ultimately found them which he made available to everyone who genuinely wants to separate facts from fiction.

Genre: Christian, Inspirational, Religious, Spiritual