The plot was set in 1980’s Melbourne when gay rights weren’t so strong and defined. The book is highly entertaining and equally shows how far the world has gone in bringing equality to people of diverse sexual orientation.

The Brothers Silver

The book has a comical plot, well developed eccentric characters and was written in a poetic yet hilarious way that will make most readers laugh all through till the end—an interesting book that can lighten anyone’s mood!


The author’s wordplay is quite fascinating and helps the reader to grasp events easily as they occur in the book. Also, to his credit is his in-depth knowledge of global geopolitics which he put to good use in giving the …

Tupelo Honey

Characters in the book include Tupelo Honey—the narrator, Grand Daddy—who died of lung cancer, Uncle Thursgood—the erratic psycho who smoked weed like a canary, Uncle Randall—the paranoid schizophrenic who hated taking his bath, Marmalade—Tupelo’s eccentric grandmother, Moochi—Tupelo Honey’s starry-eyed childhood …