The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI

As we continue to climb the technological ladder, one area that has remained controversial is the place of artificial intelligence or AI for short, and how it will affect humans. Granted that lots of books and articles have been written on this issue already, but none has been able to critically analyze AI and what it portends for humans like this book.

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI has practically exposed what is to be expected in the near future, which is refreshingly different from the doom and gloom picture being painted by the pessimists or the utopian views of the optimists. This book offers indebt analysis of how AI is going to affect both white and blue collar jobs, employer and employee relationship, and even way up to leadership levels.

Similarly, the authors pointed out the laws of unintended consequences and how AI will affect lifestyles in the coming years, like in the areas of job losses or loneliness among others.

The book also encompasses a historical perspective of the issues that shaped the succeeding industrial revolutions and its influence in today’s world. Likewise, the use of data and global reports were used to highlight what the future holds for leaders and decision makers with respect to AI.

This book is a must read for leaders, top executives, and managers as well as every other person that wants to have a hint of what the future will be between humans and AI.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction, Technology