To Worship

At just 149 pages long, To Worship is a relatively short book but one that will certainly keep readers on the edge. It also has steamy sex scenes that form part of the plot. It is a book you may …


The characters are well developed, and the plot, based on college lifestyle, is equally thrilling. This book is a page-turner and would no doubt keep any reader engrossed till the very end.


At 439 pages long, Fields of Grace is a fairly big book but the good thing about it is that there are no dull moments. It flows seamlessly in a back and forth interwoven rhythm between past and present events. …


The plot was set in 1980’s Melbourne when gay rights weren’t so strong and defined. The book is highly entertaining and equally shows how far the world has gone in bringing equality to people of diverse sexual orientation.

April’s Heart

The book is exciting and delightful to read, and has lots of lessons that would be beneficial to both parents/guardians and of course young people as well. However, the only drawback about the book is its shoddy proofreading/editing, as there …


Trade Winds of the Heart is a refreshing and captivating story that captured most of the challenges people of color, who find themselves at the lower levels of the food chain, often face in their lives.

First Comes Love

First Comes Love is a highly entertaining book that covered areas such as family life, crime, love, romance and passion. It is the sort of book that could leave a huge impression on the reader. 

Firebirds 80s Music Love

Most people will easily identify with events that occurred in the book—to the older people, it will be an avenue to reminisce with nostalgia on how they lived during their youth while young people on the other hand, will be …