Around Which All Things Bend

Everything was already planned for an elaborate wedding, invitation sent out and everyone looking forward to the occasion. However, in a nasty twist, Alex realized he can’t possibly go on with the wedding anymore. How he failed to see the red flags all along baffled him, but now he is convinced that marrying Gwynn would be a disaster. Alex may have been a US army veteran who fought in Afghanistan and as tough as they come, but the hell that awaited him from a woman scorned was something he probably underestimated.

With hearts broken, someone down the line is going to get hurt…….

Characters in the book include Alex, Gwynn, Diedre, Mary, Miguel, Henry, Donovan, Cody, Brooke, Peg, and Lotte etc.

Around Which All Things Bend is not just a highly enjoyable novel but one passes a strong message on the adverse effect broken marriages and acrimony, as well as poor parental upbringing can have on kids.


BIO: I’m Nancy Perpall, a divorce attorney with over 30 years of experience representing men and women in divorce, child custody, alimony, and paternity issues. After seeing many of my clients go through heart-wrenching divorces, I hope to reach out and educate the greater public about issues that divorcing couples face – and how to avoid them.

Genre: Romance