Numen the Slayer

The inordinate ambitions of these men will eventually pit them against each other as well as Numen. Who will defeat all to claim the golden throne in these endless battles?

Where Have All the Elves Gone?

Daniel found himself on a forced mission he neither understood nor wanted to be part of. With Sara, his beautiful wife kidnapped as well and brought to the alien world. He knew he had to comply with the assignment he …


Invasion equally has a good plot that flowed progressively. It dwelt in the thrills associated with urban lifestyle while the theme kept changing along with the characters as they move from one location to another. The mix of humans and …

The Turning Stone: Arshaana’s Calling

This gritty, emotionally penetrating story that not only touches upon social concerns with roots in the past but reaches into the future. The characters have depth, and the dialogue is sparkling authenticity. Here’s a story where everyone has an agenda

The Love of Gods

There’s a complex cast of characters to get to know as the novel progresses, along with the system of the gods, the Pale, and how they relate to one another after centuries of relationships, betrayals and aiding one another. Author …