Knoxi’s World

Lastly, despite the fact that this book is a continuation, it can also be read as a stand-alone without reference to the earlier books in the series—simply because it has no loose ends.

A Bright Lights Clean Romance

Betsy knew she had to let go of David and with Arthur’s threat of taking custody of her beloved kids hanging like the proverbial sword of Damocles, a mortgage she could barely afford among other troubles, she was in a …

The One Meant to Last

Having fully recovered from coma, Josie returned to her meditation career while her affair with Oliver blossomed. At a point, she couldn’t help drawing parallels between Eddie that existed in her imagination and Oliver as they shared a lot of …


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventure that is Stolen. I was thrilled by the intertwined relationships between the characters and the powerful plot twists that kept me guessing throughout the journey. Lynn, Kurt, Rose, and Reed are beautifully constructed …

Hot Blooded Murder

I searched for possible cons all through the book but couldn’t find much aside the few I already mentioned above.All things being equal, Hot Blooded Murder should end up as a classic!