Miriam was a lovely girl who always wore thick glasses, but blond haired Lila was more striking and appealed more to the opposite sex. The bold Miriam had wasted no time in telling the very handsome Benjy that she liked him and would like to marry him someday. However, Benjy has his sights somewhere else and didn’t share in her enthusiasm.

Perfect has a fairly good plot and well developed characters. Aside some typographical errors, the book is no doubt very interesting and could keep anyone meaningfully engaged. The story captured most of the activities that take place in high school as well as how teenagers live their lives at a time when they are still young, wild and free.

Other characters in the book include Abbey, Mrs. Cone, David, Josh Aaronson, Aliza, Mrs. Kriegsman, Stuart, Leslie, Trevor McGuire, Arjana, John Williams, Layla etc.

Perfect is an emotional story about love, infatuation, betrayal and tragedy—one that could bring tears to your eyes!

Genre: Chick-lit, Coming-of-Age, Contemporary