Epiphany’s Gift is a suspenseful thriller that will set any reader’s heartbeat racing, as one ominous scene tumbles into another. The author did a great job of narrating events in a gripping way, thus making it seem so real.


Spellbound belongs to the class of those classics you wouldn’t want to finish reading and you end up hoping there would be a continuation.


The book has two distinct plots; one centers on Michael as he wanders through the jungle while the other is about a group of PhD students who were requested to research for a new type of baggage processing scanner. 

Knoxi’s World

Lastly, despite the fact that this book is a continuation, it can also be read as a stand-alone without reference to the earlier books in the series—simply because it has no loose ends.


The book has a rich plot and fairly developed characters, and with the author’s elaborate way of describing scenes, all combined to make it captivating.
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