Little Bit

Little Bit is the type of book that will push your imaginations to the very limit. Will the relationship between the strange groups eventually end in an enduring peace or would it result in an apocalypse? Only time will tell.

The Light Reapers

The Light Reapers are a group made up of 8 highly efficient but ruthless US military combatants. They had successfully conducted several special ops in the past, all with top notch result. Thus, when a tri-nation combo; made up of …

Argos Incident

Argos Incident is a no holds barred thriller that feels very much like watching an action movie. It is a highly engaging science fiction, complete with planetary bodies where humans and robots inhabit.

First Legion

Although First Legion is a science fiction, it feels natural and believable like a possible futuristic occurrence the human race might experience someday. In addition, the book was written like some sort of diary whereby the protagonist kept writing down …

The StarMind Alert

The StarMind Alert is sequel to Eye of the Star, and like it, is a highly enjoyable thriller with a plot that encompassed contemporary geopolitics as well as the use of advanced technology and would keep the reader engrossed till …


The CODE Conspiracy is captivating thriller with a futuristic plot. A story of love, emotion, passion, and conspiracy, a pulsating book that would most likely keep its reader addicted until the very end.