Spellbound belongs to the class of those classics you wouldn’t want to finish reading and you end up hoping there would be a continuation.


The book has two distinct plots; one centers on Michael as he wanders through the jungle while the other is about a group of PhD students who were requested to research for a new type of baggage processing scanner. 

Knoxi’s World

Lastly, despite the fact that this book is a continuation, it can also be read as a stand-alone without reference to the earlier books in the series—simply because it has no loose ends.


The book has a rich plot and fairly developed characters, and with the author’s elaborate way of describing scenes, all combined to make it captivating.
Genre: …


The book is quite thrilling and as a Sci-Fi, the use of advanced equipment/gadgets, especially by the Unity State was common such as the CORE, O.A, implants, robots, R-ships, Bio-Generated-Interface and CRNA—zombie troopers which is complimented with a number of …

Yaakov the Pirate Hunter

Some of the attributes that make Yaakov the Pirate Hunter fantastic include the active roles the kid characters played in the book as well as the way scenes and events were narrated in a clear and concise way for better …